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Our customers

Stakes for 30 years …

Management of companies
Management of areas
Interim management (IT, M & E, Human Resources, Consulting, Print)
Project Management
Reorganization (Fullfillment, IT, Print, M & E)
Service Manager for public IT migration
Entities for Public Acid Migration
Entities IT Migration for GE Global Research
IT Service for Biotec Companies
IT Service in Construction
Programming for Galileo Industries
Programming an Image Recording SW
Data Collection for Landsbank (credit cards)
Creating an integrated print application
Creating management software
Creating a craftsman’s platform
Creating a cash register software
Procurement for medium-sized companies
ADAC Publishers, DuMont Book Publisher, Graefe & Unzer, Kast Livemarketing, Langenscheidt, Merian, Polygott, Reclam, Bags, Travel House Media
Conception and Training

… in many industries.

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